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Success Stories – E. Michael Stehula, DDS

E. MICHAEL STEHULA, DDSDr. Stehula never ranked higher than page four in a Google search prior to working with Click-Thru Consulting.

As a result, he spent thousands of dollars on Google Adwords because it was the only way to get onto the first page in his competitive market. And, the Adwords paid off. His efforts generated an average of one new patient a day.

Then came Click-Thru.

Within three weeks, he checked his organic (non-paid) search results for the keywords for which he had been paying. He ranked on page-one even higher than those he considered to be his toughest competitors. “It was amazing to show up so high, so quickly”, he said as he immediately stopped buying Adwords.

Over the course of the next several months, he added multiple results to his page-one rankings. He increased his new patient flow from one-per-day on average to three and sometimes four per day. His income increased by over $250,000 per year and he stopped taking low reimbursing insurance patients. Whenever anyone new came to see him, he always asked how they found him. He said, “In over 90% of the cases, they told me they found me online and that I had the best reviews of any dentist around.”

Because of the power of the web, Dr. Stehula stopped all of his other advertising. This saved him in excess of $30,000 per year in other marketing expenses.

Two years later, it came time to retire. He expected it to take 18 months to sell his practice. Instead, he had multiple offers within 60 days and closed a 30-day escrow for a 20% premium price at the end of 2014. “The new doctor wanted three to four new patients a day. That’s what she paid for.” He commented as he handed her the keys and walked away.

And, that’s what she got.

She continued working with the team at Click-Thru Consulting and generated seven figures in her first year! Her first year revenue results even out-performed Dr. Stehula’s best year ever. Obviously, Click-Thru Consulting helped to create the ultimate win-win-win for Dr. Stehula, his buyer and their patients. Let us create amazing for you too!


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