Key Aspects of Any Strategic Internet Marketing Plan

Target Customer

What problem does your product or service solve for customers or what benefits does it provide? In what ways will you best describe this benefit? Clear and consistent messaging, built on a solid understanding of your product’s positioning in the marketplace, is extremely important to all your marketing efforts both offline and online.


Without a basic understanding of your target customer and what needs they are looking to satisfy, you are operating blind. Demographics, how they spend their time, where they spend their time on the Internet, and the best ways to reach them – all are keys to understanding your target customer so you can maximize the ROI on your marketing spending and position your products correctly.

Cost Issues

How much can you spend to acquire a customer while still being profitable? What is the expected lifetime value of each customer you acquire? These are key questions that you need answers to in order to judge the effectiveness of any Internet marketing program you run.


For your category, what is the competition charging? Does your product have features that would allow you to charge a premium? Should you charge a one-time fee or use a subscription model? Should you offer a free trial of your product? If you offer a free trial, what kind of conversion rate to purchase should you expect? Pricing decisions are never easy, and are unique for every company. Research and testing are key in establishing your pricing model.

Marketing Channels

Search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, public relations, blogs, social media, reputation management, and more. There are numerous ways to market your product on the Internet, and often it takes the synergies between them to make your product a success.


How will you motivate prospective purchasers to buy? Price discounts? Free giveaways? Contests? Sweepstakes? Free related products? Consumers, especially on the Internet, are increasingly promotion driven. You need to think in advance what kinds of promotions you plan to use to drive sales.

Conversion Strategy

A marketing plan that drives traffic without turning that traffic into paying customers is not worthwhile. At Click-Thru Consulting, we deliver results with an eye toward maintaining a consistently high ROI for our clients. Reach out today to make us your Internet marketing partner and start your business on the road to revitalized growth.