Marketing Your Small Business is tough stuff

Marketing Your Small Business is tough stuff!

It may be small, but it’s yours and it’s important!

Let’s face it… the heavy-hitters always seem to have the upper hand: name recognition, huge spending budgets, and all the specialists money can buy. So what is a closely held business to do? Simple – proactively use your size to your advantage! Small, closely held businesses have the advantage of being quick, nimble, and imaginative. Google furnishes you with a promoting channel that empowers you to beat the big guys. Google AdWords is one of the most powerful arrows in small business’ quiver and you only pay for results. This can trump print, radio, television or the obsolete Yellow Pages.

Google AdWords does not create traffic for free, but, we can prove that it can be one of the most cost-effective means on the planet for promoting your business. You can begin for only a few dollars a day and you can change your promotion on the fly. This is impossible using any other medium. The problem is that, to succeed with this constantly changing space, you have to understand the environment and know how to influence it to your advantage. That’s where Click-Thru Consulting comes in.

Our leadership and oversight combines a dedicated Google AdWords Expert with an unbeatable design process that delivers exceptional results at a reasonable price. We know how small businesses work and we know how to compete with the big guys and win.

You need:

  • * Basic and savvy web promoting
  • * Master exhortation on web promoting
  • * Access to monstrous measures of web movement
  • * All on a little business spending plan

Who does Click-Thru Consulting represent?

We manage pretty much every kind of business out there. We work with Plumbers, Lawyers, Dentists, CPAs, Niche Retailers, Movers, Tutors, Inventors, Hair Salons, Dog Trainers, Answering Services, Designers, Manufacturers, Property Management Companies, Carpet Repair, Voice Talent, Conversion Experts, Web Designers, Counselors, Public Relations, Ad Agencies, HR Consultants, PEOs, Non-Profits, Personal Trainers, Tourism Councils, and a great deal more every day. We can offer you some assistance with targeting only your city, state or area simply as we can take your message national or worldwide. You settle on the technique and vision for your business and let us deal with the points of interest.