A2 AdWords Assessment

Our A2 (AdWords Assessment) service inspects your Google AdWords and Analytics information to provide expert advice on how to enhance your internet marketing results. We give an independent expert’s perspective of the design, strategies and tactics of your AdWords campaigns. This is a complete audit that incorporates assessment of all parts of your traffic flow and how your site compares to your competition.


How We Do What We Do

We have been Marketing on the web for decades and we’ve seen just about everything. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t throughout the years. We evaluate dozens of sites with millions of dollars of traffic moving through them. We work with businesses in a wide range of industries who target lots of various markets so we know what drives business on the web


The Result: “Actionable Advice”

The objective of our assessment is to concentrate on your design, strategies and tactics in enough detail so you can take specific action steps to improve your results. Anyone can obtain vague guidance for free from the web, however, specific recommendations of tests to run and changes to make are what differentiate this exercise from most.


What Does it Cost?

Often one of the first questions we hear, our answer is much less than you would think. By completing the questionnaire at the bottom of this page, you will give us the information we need to give you a proposal and then, undoubtedly, the A2 report.


The Deliverables

It takes around 1-2 weeks to finish this analysis. The primary deliverables of the A2 is a comprehensive written report that reviews your unique situation as well as up to one hour of telephone consultation with one of our experts to answer any questions about it. Our reports are rich in actionable advice on which you can follow up immediately.

Please click the link below or call us at 888-673-4834.