Pay-Per-Click ( PPC )

You Need a Custom Strategy

AdWords is self-promotion; every campaign is custom. Clients come to us requiring tactics and strategies that allow them to control the course of their business without having to learn very convoluted auction system. We help our clients create the strategy, determine the best tactics, test them continuously, and tweak them, when necessary, to maximize the opportunity and achieve results that surpass expectations.

You Need a Dedicated Team

Everyone on the AdWords team is an Expert; they eat, sleep, and breathe AdWords. Our interests in innovation, exploration, and production are all focused on creating revolutionary AdWords results. We use dynamic testing of the ever-changing AdWords environment to continually strategize and deploy the best, most cutting-edge techniques for our clients. We are frequently called upon to teach the subject within and outside the industry.

We are Google AdWords Experts

We do comprehensive AdWords administration giving our clients the most complete support of their pay-per-click needs. We oversee AdWords accounts from impression to conversion and everything in between. Our first adwords deal was decades ago and we have been overseeing Google AdWords campaigns ever since. Google trusts us too, as we are an AdWords Certified Partner; the pinnacle of accreditation in the AdWords business.

We have the Right Connections

Taking care of business frequently boils down to knowing the right people. We have been around since the beginning of AdWords and we have proactively sought the right connections. Typically, the average AdWords Agency needs to wait in line to get a response from somebody who knows nothing about their business. We have direct telephone access to our dedicated team at Google to get fast and accurate responses to the most perplexing problems.

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