Marketing Your Amazing Reputation

Marketing your practice with patients’ positive reviews is amongst today’s most powerful online marketing methods for healthcare practices. Every practitioner knows the value of a patient referral. Word-of-mouth has always been the best way to get new patients. However, in today’s computerized world, word-of-mouth now has a stronger impact than ever before!

Consumer watchdog experts suggest that more than 70% of customers declaring that they trust online reviews as much as the recommendations of friends or relatives, the quality of your online reputation can mean the difference between a flourishing practice and a struggling one. In today’s socially connected world Click-Thru Consulting is a fundamental part of any healthcare practice marketing program. Your reputation is evaluated online in real-time by patients leaving reviews and referring to their experiences about your practice on social networking networks and online review sites. A focus on Reputation Marketing makes you a proactive participant in the game of online influence as you powerfully control what is said about you on the web.

And, Click-Thru Consulting’s Reputation Marketing systems are not just about acquiring new patients from reviews.

Reputation Marketing also impacts your website ranking when people look for you. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others now recognize the significance of online reviews and they use them as markers to evaluate where they rank your business in the search results. Few reviews or none at all, tells them that you are not the best in your field and that your practice should be low on their list of results.

On the other hand, search engines position those with the most and best reviews at the top of their results. Yes, that is correct! The more positive reviews your business has on sites that matter, the higher the search engines will rank your whole online presence including your website, your Google business listing, your Yelp listing, your Facebook page, and every other place your practice is listed.

It should be obvious by now; Click-Thru Consulting’s Reputation Marketing systems have the incredible potential to separate you from your competition and Dominate Your Market Online.

At Click-Thru Consulting, we work with our healthcare clients to create a comprehensive and custom reputation marketing strategy for their practices. Joining the fields of reputation marketing and brand promotion, we offer you the ability to collect more positive reviews on sites that matter, manage or even preempt negative reviews, and market your brand’s reputation all over the web so both potential patients as well as search engines recognize you at the best practitioner in your community.

Committed to giving our clients the best possible outcomes we offer exclusivity within geographic areas so that we don’t compete with ourselves and you and only you are the one who shows up at the top of the search engines. Click here to take in more about our Exclusive Services.

Connect with us today for a complimentary consultation and determine how we might make your practice more profitable by marketing YOUR amazing Reputation.